Monday, May 31, 2010

South African experience-Part I

May 13'th was the day I was waiting for.. after a year of slogging @ office, I was ready for a first trip abroad.
After all the shopping stuff before tour and packing of food packets, time had come.

Day 1:
On board Emirates flight to Dubai, touched down @ the classyDubai airport @ 12:30 local time..after a lunch of chapathi-jam packed from home, we left for Johannesburg.. Another 8 hrs of mad travelling in sight, our heads drooped. already we had got up early, 1.5 hrs to BIA airport, 2.5 hrs there, 3.5 hrs to Dubai, another 2 hrs there, and then another 8 hrs! It was the most boring journey although there were lots of movies in store to watch. reached J'burg @ 9PM local. tired, we hoped we wouldn't have to fill up another form for immigration.My mom had sweared she'll beat up that guy if he asked us to fill up another farm. Luckily we survived.. Reached hotel Westford@ appx 10PM. A quick mtr bisibelebath for dinner, and hit the bed.

Day 2:
Get up early @ 6:30, have breakfast @ 7, and then off to Kruger national park , about a 6-7 hr drive.. It was the start of the normal breakfast for next 14 days. 2 slices of bread butter jam, croissants, corn flakes, different fruits, a fruit juice and a coffee.. Off to Kruger in a 10 seater, which had a trolley attached to the van behind, to help us with our luggages. On the way, we started off with our eating stuff once again.. Packets after packets of ruffles, mixture, congress,bjp kadlakai, di pasand, plain cake, followed and it went on till 2 pm.. Our driver, the 50+ year old white south african with well spoken english, didnt bother to taste anything. 'Did u have ur lunch? 'We asked.. yes I did, he replied. All he ate was one fruit.. a pear. 3'o clock and we almost reached Kruger. We asked the driver to stp for lunch. He looked astounded! I mean u have breakfast@ 7:30, since 8 till 2, u are eating non-stop all the junk stuff, and again have lunch @ 3! So after one more round of mtr bisbele bath and kutt avlakki+curd, started the Kruger journey.. We were ready for the game reserve! The park is spread over 20,000 sq km, bigger than Israel. For 2 hrs, we spotted lots of Impala's (Deer), a cheetah, a giraffe, a zebra.. Finish @ 6 and head on to another round of eating dinner.. luckily my aunt had got her rice cooker and rice, and we had anothe rdose of mtr pongal + rice with nice mango chutney+ chitranna,, and then head on to bed in our camps.. Which is named by the way, Skukuza....

Day 3:

Early breakfast, same old menu, left for our game drive @ 8AM. Spotted lots of baboons, impalas, a black momba, and elephants and giraffes. Just before 4 PM, where we had to end our day safari, 5 mns away from our camp, we saw 4 lions, 1 male, 3 female ones sleeping. That was what we were looking out for.. Made our safari well worth it..

Looking fwd to the night journey in an open Jeep.. no guns, just torches to spot the animals. We set on another mind blowing experience, never done before. initially scared, we were then used to it. Spotted leopard, which was there for exactly 2 secs, a hyena, a rhino, and thats it. We were left a lil bored @ the end of it as there were no animals, a bit tired @ the end of it all.. Another round of mango chutney rice + mtr pongal later, we hit the bed.

All in all a wonderful experience @ Kruger. The joy of finding animals out in wild after a long search is something else! We managed 2 see the big five: Lion, Leapord, Giraffe, Elephant, Buffalo. You need to be lucky to see them is what the people say there.. and we were.

Johannesburg up in the next post...A bye to Kruger.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sulphuric Acid

Just wondering this.. Why is H2S04 so popular in Bollywood songs!

Snippet of Lyrics of Paathshala-Rang De Basanti:

"har dil mein bud bud karta h2so4 hain"

Snippet of Lyrics of song 'Give Me Some Sun Shine'-3 Idiots

"Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora
Poora bachpan jalaa daala "

Why H2S04 only? And both these songs feature Sharman Joshi. Hmm.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Back after a long time .. and guess what ?
It's eclipse day and I am back to eclipse ( my blog name that is... :D!

Monday, May 04, 2009



Failure is a stepping stone of 'Citi Moment'.
It makes sense.. Citi is in the brink of failure...

For those who didnt understand just tune to SET MAX

Friday, February 27, 2009

Slum'god' Billionare.

Oky, first things first.. A big salute to the one and the only genius A R Rahman for winning two oscars!It was a matter of when and not if, he will make a mark in the international stage. Two Oscars was surprising for a film like slumdog but when you take his career into account, oscar was long overdue. As an Indian , a very proud moment!
There is no denying that S.M deserved to have the fairytale ending it got. It was a rags to riches story and had a peculiar ending like so many bollywood films. Kids from slums are walking the red carpet, signing autographs, globalization has truly come of age. But the film itself has so many questions unanswered..
Is this a British movie, American, Indian? Indian news channels going gaga saying Victory for India, BBC saying this is the finest moment for British cinema, which brings me to the first confusion.. Whose film is this? The slum kids transition from ragada Hindi to polished "Einglish" adds to the confusion.

No.2 ,There is no doubt Danny Boyle has struck gold and deserves the credit, but why has Loveleen Tandon, the film's "Indian" co-director being ignored? She 'directed' one thirds of the movie, selected the actors, and its baffling that she comes away with nothing when Danny takes everything.

Thirdly, I thought Dev Patel's acting was one of the most rubbish I have seen in recent times. His British background is clearly visible, some of his emotional scenes almost made me eat my toes. His performance was, plainly put it, wooden. And who can forget Frieda Pinto, who occupied exactly 3 scenes in the movie and two of them were kissin scenes.She is acting as though she is the next Hollywood superstar.She's there in every show, and everything she does or wears are headlines.She even dumped her "secret Husband" who had helped her to fame. Good riddance! the slum kids and I hate to use that word slum, but they were the most natural and graceful than the 2 Hinglish actors. How he won an award for best actor in some awards function in US which is beyond all belief and reasoning.

But @the end of it all, I think It deserved the claps!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rapid fire

Rapid fire 2009.. questions to Ashwin..

Your new year resolution:
Save your job!

Something you won't expect to happen in 2009:
Reading the newspaper without a mention of an article on "Ajmal Amir Kasab ".

Something I would try hard to understand and appreciate in this year: Facebook


Social networking confusion(or whatever)

I have accounts in several Social networking sites, not that I use all, but as they say sometimes in kannada when you are presented with a lot of varieties of food and people( esp elders) say just have it , "Shastrakke".. So, I just created accounts whether I use it or not, shastrakke, not that anyone is compelling to do so.
For one, Facebook is extremely confusing and have never been a fan of it since the day I joined.Apologies to all facebook fans.
My homepage has all kinds of stuff in it, peole requesting to take a quiz and a message going "XYZ scored 100% in movie quiz" try to see how you compete against him or beat him! Okay someone took a "Jodha Akbar" quiz, scored 60% or 100% and that is hardly something that will get you all excited .
Another instance, I care as much as a tiny little rat's carcass as to what someone else wrote in my friends wall entry or a Photo comment or what my friends commented on his friends photo, whom I dont know but occupy 1/2 my main page.

Hi5 is another confusing site, recently I logged in when I got a message saying" ABC" has sent a request. Then in my requests, there is no person named ABC.

Only one I really like is Blogger :) , because it allows me to create posts like these........ :D